Day One.

The sun hasn’t come up yet, it’s still dark out.

I’ve gotten up early for a very specific purpose. I’m walking to school, about a six or seven kilometers (4.5 miles). This is nothing new, I do it routinely. Today, I’m trying something new. I’m breaking the monotone.

My knees are scraped, hands sore and blistered. My legs are sore, I’m not used to this kind of exertion.

It was fun though.

The “art of movement”, or parkour, is a massive and still growing craze. I have little intention of ever actually learning it, but I tried out some of my own moves based on videos.

As in it’s mostly me falling on my face, or failing to do something correctly.

I hope you enjoy my follies as much as I enjoyed being an idiot.

Break your mold, break your monotone.


Braeson (TheGreatDutch)

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Breaking the Monotone.

Let’s start off by defining the monotone.

The monotone is that feeling you get when you get caught in a rut. You’re stuck in replay, the same day over and over again.

Think of Groundhog Day (great movie, by the way).

How do you break the monotone?

Do something outside your normal schedule, outside your comfort zone.

I’m setting off on a project to break my monotone. I’d love for you to for you to join in with me, or to start your own. Send me ideas, links to your project, anything.

So starting tomorrow, let’s break the monotone, one day at a time.

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